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DELFI Petrotechnical Suite on-demand for North America oilfield challenges. Just the way you want it.

The DELFI Petrotechnical Suite on-demand delivers industry-leading software to help tackle the toughest challenges in North America. All the features and functionality you need, with no long-term contracts.

Use the DELFI environment when you need it and cancel anytime.


Cloud-enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS) reduces capex and IT requirements to make digital operations easier.


Best-in-class software for every situation is now at your fingertips.


Project-by-project purchase options enable you to buy only what you need.

Control costs, optimize operations, compromise nothing.

Best-in-class E&P software from Schlumberger is now available as software-as-a-service (SaaS), with no need for intensive IT infrastructure. Our SaaS offers project-by-project package options. You pay only for what you use when you use it, and you can cancel anytime.

The DELFI Petrotechnical Suite is the new way to access the industry’s leading applications:

  • Petrel E&P Software Platform
  • Techlog Wellbore Software Platform
  • PIPESIM Steady-State Multiphase Flow Simulator
  • OLGA Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator
  • Symmetry Process Software Platform
  • ECLIPSE Industry-Reference Reservoir Simulator
  • INTERSECT High-Resolution Reservoir Simulator
  • Kinetix Reservoir-Centric Stimulation-to-Production Software
  • GeoX Exploration Risk, Resource, and Value Assessment Software
  • PetroMod Petroleum Systems Modeling Software

Your valuable subsurface data now have a place to thrive.

Make better decisions faster, without spending your entire budget. Take advantage of powerful subsurface software and integrated workflows to visualize the subsurface, manage risks, and optimize operations.

Map and correlate your wells using well logs and seismic data to create an accurate representation of the subsurface.

Use all available data in the industry-leading Petrel platform, from seismic data to well logs, to fully model and understand the subsurface. Gain better understanding of the subsurface without drilling additional wells.

Evaluate the near-wellbore lithology.

Drill exactly where you need to with powerful subsurface software like the Techlog and Petrel platforms.

Knowing what is beneath the surface makes a world of difference.

Avoid subsurface formation hazards by integrating surface and subsurface data in one place.

Use basin-specific data to your advantage.

Why duplicate a single well placement strategy everywhere? The DELFI Petrotechnical Suite reveals insights into well spacing, pad-drilling strategies, and more.

Make the most of your data-driven insights.

With all your subsurface and production data in one place, you have the clarity to make the decisions that matter in a timely manner.

Well construction: from design to execution to everything—literally.

Design, plan, execute, and, more importantly, understand what drives completion decisions, leveraging insights from reservoir engineers, simulations, and geomechanics.

Easy and rapid well planning, from simple to complex pad design.
Optimized well performance through high-resolution reservoir simulation.
Infill well construction and optimization by understanding geomechanics.

There has never been a better time or a better way.

Get the most out of your well and your field by using model, data-driven insights. Meet your production targets with the right size of equipment, nothing more, nothing less.

Choose the lift type that is right for your well, not the one your vendor wants.

Are you using gas lift, ESP, rod pump, PCP, jet pumps, or plunger lift to produce your wells? Our nodal analysis workflow will help you select the lift type suitable for the entire life of each well and enable you to meet production targets.

Remove any bottlenecks in wells, flowlines, or networks to optimize operations.

Use this workflow to remove any obstacle to meeting your production goals and avoid unnecessary equipment. From pumps to compressors, you can align your tools with your operational needs for optimal well production.

Create a version of your field on your desktop.

This visual GIS environment enables you to build your pipelines and network to match the fluids exactly as they are. Save time by simply importing shapefiles to build the field representation. The answers to your complex operational questions are just a click away.

Use your data to help optimize your wells.

Use your valuable production data to continuously track well performance across the entire asset so you can meet your KPIs.

Midstream & Downstream

Safe, efficient, and reliable operations are all part of the process.

Managing complex facilities and process units, as well as pipelines and networks, is all about maximizing profits and minimizing capex. The DELFI environment enables you to model your entire system in one environment, providing greater insight and more control than was previously possible.

Key Midstream & Downstream Features

Flare modeling and emissions management

Achieve safe and compliant operations by modeling your complete flare system including scenario management, relief valve sizing, rating, and installation, header hydraulic calculations, and flare safety performance.

Water management

Excess produced water can affect your production negatively. Model different scenarios and plan your process accordingly so you can keep production flowing.

Optimize plant performance

Model virtually any oil and gas processing unit with a comprehensive suite of validated thermodynamic models, flexible flow sheeting structure, robust tower algorithm, and detailed rating of heat exchangers and rotating equipment. Connect directly to any data source for real-time optimization and operations support.

Ensure pipeline reliability

Analyze pipelines and complex networks dynamically to understand liquid dropout and develop optimized pigging schedules to keep processing facilities running. Assess multiphase flow of production fluids to predict, prevent, and remediate flow assurance issues.

Innovations applied. Challenges met.

Optimizing Gas Plant Performance with the Symmetry Process Software Platform

Symmetry platform supports DCP Midstream’s vision of a smart gas plant network to increase operating margins and improve asset decision making

3D Structural and Properties Modeling Using Limited Datasets Leads to Optimized Completion Design

Wolfcamp shale operator uses Mangrove engineered stimulation design to overcome casing size limitations and determine ideal targets based on geomechanical properties

Engineered Completion Design Increases Reservoir Contact and Productivity in the Wolfcamp Shale

Mangrove stimulation design uses log measurements to intelligently place perforation clusters in optimal intervals of high-pressure shale play

Integrated Completion with ShalePrime Service Raises Oil Production by 70% for Manti Tarka Permian

Combining modeling, rock-fluid compatibility testing, and efficient OneStim services reduces stimulation costs, Permian Basin

Geoengineered, Integrated Well Program Improves Oil Production by 80%–86%

Combining ThruBit services, Kinetix software, and BroadBand Sequence service increases production for Lonestar Resources in the Eagle Ford Shale

Reservoir Model Helps Plans for Infill Wells to Avoid Productivity Losses, Eagle Ford Shale

Integrated workflow helps optimize infill drilling in drill-to-hold leases by minimizing the occurrence of fracture hits and well interference

Let's talk DELFI.

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