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  • Case Studies
  • Mapping the Marcellus Sweet Spots

Integrating Petrophysical Analysis with 3D Seismic Data Helps Build Map of Marcellus Sweet Spots.

An independent operator began a Marcellus Shale campaign in Pennsylvania, capitalizing on its existing 3D seismic survey data and several vertical pilots that had targeted deeper stratigraphic intervals. The operator drilled and completed its first highly successful well using advanced EcoScope* multifunction logging-while-drilling service and sonicVISION sonic-while-drilling service to ensure well placement, characterize the formation, and customize completions design.

Unfortunately, repeating their early success proved to be problematic. The next 18 laterals, while accurately steered into the Lower Marcellus, had production results that were below expectations.

Seeking to reduce costs and improve drilling efficiency, the operator switched to using only LWD gamma ray techniques for well placement on its following 16 laterals with geometrically spaced completion stages. Production results remained unpredictable and inferior to the initial well.

Mapping the Marcellus Sweet Spots